Already have an account with a broker offered on our site?


If you already have an account with a broker listed on our site and have not registered via and would like to take advantage of our rebate offer then we will more than likely be able to help you.


Please note: that this is only valid for those with a funded live account, and does not apply to those with a demo account only. If you only have a demo account and never funded a live account with a brokerage firm listed on our site then you can register as a normal user.


Step 1

Provide us with the information like your brokerage firm’s name, your account number and the email of your account manager at the broker.

Step 2

We will make contact with the brokerage firm and confirm that this offer is valid for existing account members.

Step 3

Each broker has a different procedure and we will contact you with instructions. Then you will be able to earn your rebates and save.


If you have any questions please contact us directly