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Important Notices

Please note that if you wish to receive rebates as described in this website you need to sign up via our site on the links provided. If not, FX Rebate Central will not be recognised as your introducing agent and thus will not be able to pay you a rebate. For more information please see our terms and conditions.


Existing Account holders

If you are an existing account holder with one of the brokers listed on our site, and wish to receive a rebate from your existing broker please click here


How are rebates paid?

FX Rebate Central offers you the simplest way to earn rebates and save big time. We have taken out all the hassle and guess work of getting your rebate paid to you. In most cases any rebate owing to you will be paid directly to your trading account with the brokerage firm you have chosen to sign up with. If this option is not available to you, we will pay the rebate back to you directly.  


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