How it works

FX Rebate Central strives to achieve the best for you and does not accept mark-ups from the broker.


Step 1

Find the best rebate for you.

Step 2

Select the broker.

Step 3

OPEN AN ACCOUNT at your selected brokerage firm(s).


We will contact you to confirm your rebate rate and to agree on your preferred payment method for receiving rebates. 


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Benefits of using FX Rebate Central


Part of a larger media group

FX Rebate Central is part of a larger online media group that operates within the financial markets. This allows FX Rebate Central to use their broker network volume and affiliations to negotiate higher rebate terms for their clients.



The brokers on offer with FX Rebate Central are selected on strict criteria. There is absolutely no point in working with a rebate provider that supports brokers that provide a high rebate but only to end up not paying you at the end of the month. Each broker has a relationship with FX Rebate Central and have had due diligence done on behalf of clients.


Helpful Resources

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